6 Paint Color Ideas for the Minimalist

6 Paint Color Ideas for the Minimalist

Decorating homes has a huge following, and for good reason! Choosing the right color for your interior house painting is just one part of creating a beautiful space, but what if you are a minimalist? What shades and hues can bode well with your surroundings?

Finding a balance is critical, so Get Fresh Paint is here with some inspirational color ideas to help enhance your space! 

Green Sage or Silver Blue

Just because you are a minimalist doesn't mean your paint colors have to be lackluster. Opting for sage green or silver-blue can help contrast with the lighter colors in the room, like white or gray, to create a calming and comfortable feel.

Go Bold With Dark Shades

Even if you have a small number of details in the room, choosing a darker hue can bring a dramatic effect and a neutral or white shade. Darker colors can offer a more structured and luxurious feeling to help highlight any interesting aspects of the space.

In addition, they can work well with lighter colors as a beautiful accent wall or with crown molding installation services.

Bright White Can Keep the Space Simple

White has always been a go-to because it helps lighten the area and bathe the interior with a natural feeling. It works well in contemporary homes with sleek architectural designs and draws the eye to any unique items in the room.

Pick Dusty Rose for a Touch of Muted Tones

Dusty rose is another popular choice because it is a muted tone that works well in spaces with skylights and helps soften the ambiance. It also isn't a demanding color on the eyes, making it ideal for areas that involve minimalist designs.

Soft Grays or Lavender

If you are looking for a more subtle combination, lavender paired with different shades of soft gray can work great as a team. The light purple undertones mesh beautifully with the lighter grays to create a unique visual and accentuate the walls.

Olive Green

Olive green is also considered a minimalist color and is becoming one of the more sought-after options. It comes in a wide variety of tints and hues, which can foster environments ranging from earthy to sophisticated aesthetics.

Spruce Up Your Space With Get Fresh Paint's Experts!

Whether you are a minimalist or considering starting, getting assistance from professional painting services can make the process easier. Picking a company that understands what dedication and honesty mean is crucial, and Get Fresh Paint are your local experts. Our goal is to provide our customers with expert interior and exterior painting services in Minnesota that they can count on through the years.

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