The Get Fresh Paint Warranty

At Get Fresh Paint, providing our clients with absolute peace of mind is what we strive for with every residential or commercial painting project.

That’s why our work is backed by an exclusive warranty that covers all labor and material costs in the event that any repairs or modifications are necessary for any previous work we’ve completed.

Total Protection for Every Painting Project

As an Official PCA Member and BBB Certified business, we take our reputation seriously, knowing that you could’ve enlisted the services of any other painting contractor in town.

In addition to our exclusive warranties, every painting project is completely covered by insurance, meaning you won’t have to pay a dime for any unforeseen complications or issues that could potentially arise.

How It Works

Our team of painting professionals will perform an on-site assessment and inspection to determine any exterior or interior areas of concern prior to beginning your project.

Any work performed on initially noted areas of concern (leaks, water damage, outdated roofs, faulty gutters, intrusive landscaping, deteriorating surfaces, etc.) could potentially void any warranty arrangement. In addition, any work on interior and exterior areas that was not performed by one of our painters is not covered by warranties or insurance.

If you have any questions with any specific information regarding our warranties or insurance coverage, be sure to contact us online or give us a call at 612.325.1409.

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