7 Reasons to Choose Get Fresh Paint for Your Minnesota Painting Projects

7 Reasons to Choose Get Fresh Paint for Your Minnesota Painting Projects

Commercial and residential painting projects require multiple steps, and completing them yourself can feel like a big project. Without the tools and the know-how required to succeed, you could end up with unattractive results, so it makes sense why choosing a professional is crucial. 

Working with an expert removes the guesswork, so let's explore seven reasons why Get Fresh Paint is the right choice!

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1. 15 Years of Experience

At Get Fresh Paint, our focus is on providing excellence and commitment, and we have been a trusted name for over 15 years in Minnesota.

We started as a small independent company and have worked our way up through the years as a trusted provider of expert services for businesses and homes. Being reputable and working to help our community look its best is our priority, and we bring that to every project we complete.

2. Exceptional Results 

Our goal for each painting project is to help offer high levels of craftsmanship and total satisfaction in our work. We will work hard to ensure we meet your needs, and our experts are trained to look for the smallest details, so when you choose us, you get an unmatched team of experts that exceed industry standards.

3. One-on-One Consultations

Our process starts by understanding your project needs based on your timetable and budget. We will then help you identify the type of paint, color, and finish you want and provide a free quote so you understand your options.

In addition, we know your time is precious, so our system is designed for efficiency to ensure your project not only remains on time but within budget too. 

4. We Work With Your Schedule 

Each client's schedule will vary, so we work with you to find the right time for your painting project. And when you choose the team at Get Fresh Paint, we believe in strong communication, so you will always be notified with progress reports, timelines, and information about the schedule for your project.

5. Insurance Coverage 

Get Fresh Paint also understands the importance of your company's appearance, so we always provide complete coverage on all projects.

We perform an on-site inspection and assessment to examine any areas of concern and address them before starting the project to ensure our warranty coverage is in place. This ensures you have the right protection and total satisfaction with the completed project.

6. Locally Owned and Operated 

There are many different painting companies out there, and standing out from the crowd means being reputable and treating our customers as more than just clients.

Because we are a locally owned company, our reputation depends on the quality of work we produce from residential to commercial projects. Our team is independently operated and community-focused, so we offer a more personalized experience that gives you an expert finish you will love.

7. Increase Your Property Value 

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, the small details can make a difference in maintaining or increasing property values.

A professional finish with Get Fresh Paint enhances the durability and protection of the materials, prolonging their finish and keeping every component in the best condition possible. Our experts will help you create a customized finish with amazing color options to enhance your property's aesthetics and value. 

Custom and Professional Painting Solutions in Minnesota

At Get Fresh Paint, our clients are at the heart of the matter, and regardless of the project size, we will work with you to ensure total satisfaction. Our team helps improve your space with our professional painting services, and regardless of whether you need residential interior house painting or have an exterior commercial project, we aim to exceed your expectations every time.

Our 5-star reputation is built on quality and professionalism, so message us online or call us at 612-325-1409 for your free quote today.