A Guide to House Painting Like the Pros

A Guide to House Painting Like the Pros

There's nothing like slapping a new coat of paint on the exterior of your home to help give it a new look and refresh its curb appeal. While the process might seem straightforward, it's a large project, so you need to have a plan before you jump into it!

Understanding the best methods to make it as easy as possible starts with the Get Fresh Paint Pros. Here are some of our key tricks and tips!

Pick the Right Color

Your color will make the biggest impact, and it's one of the first things you have to consider. Look at elements like your gutters and the roof, and think about how they will look with the color. If you live in an HOA, you might have specific color requirements, so pick an exterior paint formulated for exterior walls to give you a long-lasting finish.

Prep the Surface

If you want a professional look, preparation is the key. Whether you have standard siding or stucco, always power wash the exterior and scrape off any peeling areas. If you come up against mildew, bleach it, and if the home was built before 1978 and has the original paint, test it for lead.

Don't Skip Repairs

Wear and tear happens, so make sure you have some ready-mixed fillers for any gaps or cracks. If you find major damage, don't put off doing the repair because it will show up once the pain has been applied. You may also have to sand and re-clean the surface to remove dust buildup and leave a smooth finish. 

Prime & Paint

Applying that new color right away can feel tempting, but without a strong primer, the paint may not adhere as well. Find a primer that is fungi-resistant and also works as a sealer; this will help the paint stick and increase its longevity.

Save Some Time & Call an Expert 

DIY is amazing for many different home improvement projects, but it is recommended that you evaluate whether doing it yourself is the right option. Exterior painting can be a challenging project, and if you don't have the right tools and training, this can end up costing you time and money by having to redo certain areas or even calling in a professional painting company anyway to fix the issue. 

Spruce Up Your Exterior with a Fresh Coat of Paint Today!

A new coat of paint can protect your exterior and increase your home value, and when you don't want to settle for less, the Get Fresh Paint team delivers exceptional results! For over 15 years, our company has been providing premier painting services in the Twin Cities, and we can help you out if you need drywall repair or crown molding installation.

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