Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Homes built between the 1930s and 1990s have one major thing in common: the textural addition of popcorn ceilings. While this unique addition offered many benefits initially, over time, it lost its visual appeal, and health concerns arose around using it due to the asbestos in the material. 

If your home currently has an acoustic or popcorn ceiling, there are multiple reasons why it's beneficial to have it removed, and our experts are here to explain why!

Why Was Popcorn Ceiling So Popular?

Popcorn ceilings were used in middle to low-cost housing and multiple-story residential buildings because they offered a quick application process, which meant faster production and competition of properties. They were also popular in the 70s and considered to be a modern look. 

The material made covering up flaws easier, and it was also more cost-effective because it didn’t require tasks like painting or regular maintenance. There are also noise reduction effects through its absorption properties, preventing the sound from bouncing from floor to ceiling as easily. 

Why Should You Remove Popcorn Ceilings?

Asbestos Concerns

In some cases, the materials used to create the popcorn ceiling contain harmful chemicals like asbestos – a naturally occurring material chosen due to its resistance to heat and strength and was widely used in the 1800s. 

Asbestos was regularly placed in items that needed fireproofing, pipes, concrete, floor tiles, and other materials. The area that makes asbestos problematic is its tiny fibers that can cause damage to the lungs, including scarring and other serious issues if large amounts of it are inhaled. 

The material by itself is not harmful unless it is disturbed, and there are six different kinds of asbestos that have various hazardous ranges. This makes hiring a company specializing in popcorn ceiling removal essential because they know what to look for!

Dust Buildup

Having a clean home is essential to daily life, especially for those with allergies. One area where popcorn ceilings are problematic is that they're known for collecting large amounts of dust. 

It is also not easy to see the accumulation because of the design, but the particles get trapped in the ceiling bumps, which also makes them more challenging to keep clean. 

The last thing you want is to be breathing in these particulates, so you may need to call a painting company to get the removal done and cleaner air in your home.

Property Values

The last primary reason to remove the popcorn ceiling from your home is that, in most cases, buyers are now going to be looking for more modern designs and smoother textures in their purchases. 

The removal may also promote a change in the ambiance of the room, making it look lighter and more streamlined, which can help increase the home's overall value.

To Stop Disintegration

The fact is, your popcorn ceiling isn't going to be a long-lasting option. No matter how well you maintain it, eventually, it will start to break down and disintegrate, and over time, you will start finding white flecks on your furniture and floors that can damage the material. 

Better Lighting

Popcorn ceilings will affect the room lighting as the bumpy surface creates shadows from the light bouncing off the ridges. This is not always a welcome effect and can make it unattractive if you're trying to promote certain atmospheres like relaxation or calm. 

Stops Discoloration

The material is also known for discoloring, which can harm the room's aesthetics. You want the space to be inviting and clean, but if the ceiling is dingy, this will detract from the theme. While a fresh coat of paint can help, the best and simplest fix is removing the popcorn altogether.

What Should You Do Instead of Popcorn Ceiling?

If you're unable to do a removal process, with the right color, you can spruce up the space and create a new look for your ceiling. While white is the most commonly chosen color due to its light reflection and ability to create depth in a space, adding blue hues can promote relaxation. 

For those looking for a more dramatic approach, reds and burgundies create beautiful accents, or if you want to create a cozier feel, consider grays or browns for a richer effect. 

Get Fresh Paint: Exceptional Services Every Time

It makes sense when you look at all the reasons you need popcorn ceiling removal from your home, so if you're looking for a trusted and local company, Get Fresh Paint is ready to assist!

Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, our team offers exceptional services and the highest quality precision in residential painting services ranging from cabinet painting to crown molding installation.

Don't wait any longer to update your home with fresh paint or popcorn ceiling removal! We offer services throughout Minnesota, so message us online or call 612-325-1409 to get a free quote today.

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