Best Paint Colors for Commercial Exteriors

Best Paint Colors for Commercial Exteriors

Your business's colors make a first impression on your customers; they can be a way to communicate your brand and your values as a company. You need a professional painter's touch and colors that evoke emotions because they can affect if a consumer chooses to invest in your products. 

Choosing the right color for the exterior of your building can feel challenging, so read on for some tips to find the best paint color for your building's exterior.  

Things to Consider When Selecting Paint for Your Business

Choosing to paint your business is no small task! Having a solid design will help, and a few places we recommend starting are:

Branding and Vision 

One of the primary considerations for color is your company branding or logo that can pair with the color of the building. Standing out from your competitors will draw eyes to your building more easily and can enhance customer’s experience in a positive way. 

Local Architecture 

The last consideration is the architectural style and surrounding buildings because some colors may not look appropriate for the area. Consider the environment; for example, if the property is in a densely populated area, bold colors might be a better choice than gray or white. 

Timeless Aesthetics 

There is specific color coordination that directly impacts the consumer's experience. Choosing the right combination of hues can create a dynamic color scheme that helps set the mood, enhance your advertising, and create a memorable aesthetic. 

Your Budget 

A commercial painting project is no small feat, so consider the property's square footage by your budget when choosing different paint options. Include a timeline and extra funding for unexpected expenses to keep your project on target, removing the worry of additional expenses and project completion.

How Paint Colors Affect Consumers

Color is used in marketing everywhere you go; whether it's through architecture or art, it can evoke feelings and encourage customers to take specific actions subconsciously. Business owners understand how powerful advertising can be, but many don't realize how effective the color scheme they choose for their building is. 

Each color has a specific meaning and can offer an edge with brand promotion.

Black or Brown

Black and brown can promote a sense of security and structure, and typically, companies will use this color when they want to present a more serious or formal feeling. Banks, law firms, and private healthcare offices often use these shades because they evoke a sense of tradition or trust.


Blues can offer a calming and relaxing feeling and may also be connected with cleanliness or relaxation properties. They work well with businesses, including boating, air, healing, and health, and are frequently associated with the environment.


Green elicits a feeling of nature directly related to harmony and peace. It also has a symbolic quality around prosperity, growth, and abundance, which can be an exceptional addition to almost any business environment.


Red can signify excitement and express feelings of power, leadership qualities, and action. It's an excellent color for businesses, including car dealerships, fast food restaurants, and retail stores.


White can evoke a sense of integrity and is a popular choice because it works well with other colors, making it an excellent option for branding. Typically, white will be found in gas stations, apartments, and religious buildings.

Bright or Vibrant Colors

Some industries use vibrant colors such as yellows and oranges to represent flexibility, progress, and any evolving industry. You will often find these used in retail, grocery, tech companies, and startup offices because they are associated with a modern look.

Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

You want your painting project to be completed on time, within budget, and have a flawless finish. Adding a coat of paint to your interior exterior will help boost its appearance and make it more appealing to your customers. If you're considering hiring a contractor, here are a few expert tips.

  • Create an outline that lists the timeline budget in areas that need to be painted.

  • Be upfront with your needs for the optimal outcome.

  • Do diligent research on local contractors and check with referrals for recommendations.

  • Interview potential companies and get your estimate in writing.

  • Know what prep needs to be completed by you.

Get Fresh Paint: Locally Owned & Professionally Minded 

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