Best Paint Colors to Increase Work Productivity

Best Paint Colors to Increase Work Productivity

Choosing the right color for your business can be complex without the correct information. You may want a more relaxed environment that promotes more productivity and efficiency, so choosing the right colors matters when it comes to commercial painting

Let's discuss how colors can affect the environment to help you pick one that will intentionally create and influence the workspace.

How Do Paint Colors Affect Moods?

In most situations, individuals will see bright colors and associate that with a sense of energy, but this could be negative for some. They can foster a feeling of urgency, leading to more uncomfortable emotions like worry or anxiety, and others will promote a sense of relaxation and calm. 

This alone makes it essential to understand how the colors can affect your staff and help you create a better working environment.

Popular Paint Color Options

A study was done in 1984 on the effects of color on individuals and how they correlate with behaviors, and this is what was discovered:


Yellow is a brighter option, and utilizing it can help create a sense of inspiration for the employees. More brilliant shades can help individuals work at optimum levels and foster feelings of happiness for some.


Green has been described as a pleasant color with a calming effect that’s also easy to look at. It can create a sense of ease that helps with higher levels of efficiency and could be a good choice if you have employees working long hours.


Purple is considered a secondary color, but because you combine the energy of a productive blue and stimulating red, it is well suited for areas of profession like spas or more creative fields.


While red might seem like a good choice, it can create a sense of anxiety or urgency for some individuals. It can be a good choice for fields that require a lot of physical energy and movement because it can help stimulate energy levels.


Blue is known for being a more stimulating color, depending on the chosen hue. It can help individuals with repetitive motions in their jobs, and it is a standard color used in accounting offices due to its effect on keeping individuals focused.


Orange and yellow are similar in how they affect people's emotions, and the job role will be one of the biggest influences on production outcomes. Positions that require a high level of creativity thrive in orange settings because it fosters feelings of joy and freedom, helping to inspire. 

Orange also instills a sense of flexibility that can reduce feelings of negativity, including anxiety and depression, and create an environment that has an atmosphere of lightheartedness.


Brown is another soothing hue because of its natural qualities. It's known for instilling a sense of comfort in individuals, giving employees a sense of reassurance, credibility, and security, helping empower them to do their best work and be as productive as possible.


While pink might not be your first thought when it comes to high productivity, it's all about the environment that you're creating for the employees. Pink is associated with love, softness, and relaxation. It creates a feeling of tranquility and can help employees stay focused, especially if they're working in industries where clients need to be at ease or feel soothed.

Other Considerations

There are several other options, including off-white, offering a clean and warm aesthetic; light blue, giving a peaceful experience, so choose accordingly when hiring commercial painting services.

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