How Long Will Your Home's Paint Last?

How Long Will Your Home's Paint Last?

One of the biggest questions professional painters are asked is how long the paint will last. In most cases, the standard length is between five and ten years, but this is dependent on several factors. So, Get Fresh Paint is here with more information on what can cause a breakdown of the paint material to help you better determine how long it will last.

Interior Factors

When it comes time to call for interior residential painting, it can be beneficial to have a record of when the last paint job was completed and who it was completed by. If you did the job yourself, chances are, it's not going to last as long as this hiring or professional service.

Another factor that can affect longevity is the purpose of the room. This can make a difference because if the space is somewhere where a lot of activity occurs, the walls are more likely to get chipped or scuffed.

The type of paint you use will also affect longevity, and there is a reason why some paint options are more expensive than others. In most cases, the higher the price, the more durable the product.

The number of UV rays that come into the room will also affect the paint because they can slowly break down the material over time and cause fading.


One of the first things to consider for exterior paint longevity is the type of surface material that has been painted. Wood, stucco, aluminum, and brick are the most common surfaces and will range in longevity. Wood can hold the paint for five to seven years, and brick or cement fiberboard can be ten or more years.

Weather will also be a contributing factor, and if you live in an area with high winds or high humidity, this can create fading, mold growth, and premature aging.

Primer is another essential part of the process, but it can help extend the longevity even further, saving you time and money. The primer can help seal the surface, making the paint adhere to it better and preventing the chances of bubbling, cracking, and fading.

The kind of paint that is chosen, as well as the painting techniques, will also directly affect the lifespan of the material. Ensuring that the surface is prepared correctly with stripping, sanding, and cleaning can also help.

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