How to Paint 4 Different Types of Siding

How to Paint 4 Different Types of Siding

It's just a matter of time before the siding on your home eventually starts showing wear from exposure to the elements. Cleaning it is an excellent way to remove built-up grime or dirt, but the color can still fade through the years. 

A paint job can help restore its original luster, and the pros at Get Fresh Paint are here with expert tips.

How to Paint Wood Siding

Wood offers timeless beauty and a natural feel, making it popular for homeowners. Still, unfortunately, it is susceptible to harsh weather and will need to be painted more frequently to protect it.

To get a professional finish, the wood must be thoroughly cleaned using a soft bristle brush, and any cracks or holes must be filled in before starting. A latex-based primer will help reinforce the finish, and a highly durable oil-based paint will better penetrate the fibers, keeping them protected. 

How to Paint Composite Siding

Hands down, composite siding has some of the highest durability available, which makes it an excellent long-term investment. While this material won't need painting as frequently as others, we always recommend using a pressure washer and ensuring the material is completely dry before proceeding.

Primer is not required for composite siding. However, it will reduce fading and weathering. Keep in mind that if you have a specific colored composite, test the paint color first because this can affect the end product. 

Acrylic latex enamel is considered the best exterior paint for composite siding because it dries quickly and leaves a long-lasting finish perfect for hard surfaces.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding 

Vinyl is low maintenance and more affordable but fades in color and often unevenly for a lackluster look. It's also notorious for mold and mildew growth, so take extra time cleaning and prepping the material. 

Always use a primer when painting vinyl siding. It is also recommended not to use very dark colors because they will absorb the heat and transfer it to the material, affecting its durability.

How to Paint Aluminum Siding 

From its extreme weather durability to low maintenance, aluminum is an excellent choice, but unfortunately, it scratches and dents easily, and the colors can fade. This material will need to be prepped similarly to the others, and in some cases, you may need to use a paint-scraping tool and sander to remove any hard-to-remove spots. 

Aluminum typically needs two coats of primer, and we recommend using acrylic or acrylic latex paint because they apply smoothly and dry quickly. These paints also offer high resistance to flaking and peeling for a smooth and beautiful finish.

Why Go With a Professional to Paint Siding?

Experts will tell you that one coat is good, but two is better because you'll get more durability and better coverage. 

Keep in mind that even if the job looks OK, a poorly completed one will reveal itself over time, and while DIY can save you a few bucks in labor, the exterior of your home is a big part of its value and curb appeal, and you need a professional finish.

A professional contractor has the skills, experience, and equipment to save you time and money, especially if you lack the know-how, and you never have to worry about DIY mistakes showing up after the job is done.

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