Tips to Get Paint Out of Carpet

Tips to Get Paint Out of Carpet

Getting paint out of your carpeting can feel impossible and make you wish you had called a professional painting contractor instead. But with the right tips and materials, it is doable!

Get Fresh Paint understands that this situation is not uncommon, so we have created this helpful guide to suggest removing paint products.

Understand the Paint Type First

Before picking the correct method to remove the stain, you need to know if the paint is water or oil-based to use the right cleaning options. While both require specific steps, their chemical make-ups vary, requiring different solutions and actions to ensure proper removal without risking damage to your carpet.

If you aren't sure of the materials, remember that working with a professional painting service can help minimize this risk. The experts already understand what steps to take and how to address spills.

Clean Up the Spill Right Away

You want to resolve the issue as soon as possible, so use a paper towel or cloth to soak up the excess paint by blotting the area lightly. You want to refrain from scrubbing because this will push it further into the carpet's fibers and make the stain worse.

One benefit of hiring a professional painter is that they will ensure that the room is prepared before painting. This can include laying down plastic sheeting, masking or taping, and removing any furniture or other items that the paint could potentially damage.

Scrape What Can Be Removed 

It will be more challenging to deal with paint that's already dried. You can start using a pair of needle nose pliers or a utility knife to scrape away any thicker paint sections. 

Follow this up with vacuuming because this will remove the remaining debris. Then, you can determine what cleaning products to use based on the paint type.

Latex Paint Tips

Latex is a water-based paint made from acrylic resin, similar to acrylic. Initially, the paint's base was made with rubber, but it was eventually replaced with a water-soluble variation, making it easier to clean and use. Its acrylic component makes it a great option on surfaces like ceilings, walls, siding, and trim and is avoided on textual surfaces like concrete, wood, and metal.

Follow these instructions to remove latex paint from the carpet:

  • Covering the area with hot water to moisten it

  • Using a scrubber, work mild dish soap into the site until it has lathered

  • Continue scrubbing until the stains disappear

  • Consider utilizing a carpet cleaner if the scrubbing is not working

Oil Paint Tips 

Oil-based paint is made with synthetic or natural oil as a main component. It's durable, resistant to dings and nicks, and holds up against stains. Oil paint is more challenging to apply, but it is resistant to moisture, and a tougher option, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and recommended for heartier surfaces like baseboards, cabinetry, doors, and window trim.

Follow these removal steps: 

  • Clean the area with a carpet cleaner and solution

  • Wet a cloth with a small amount of paint remover and block the area

  • Once the remover begins to dissolve, you can shampoo the area and go over it with a vacuum

In addition, if you are using the paint remover, you always want to follow the safety recommendations for the product because it can produce fumes.

Next Time, Hire Professional Painters

For some, choosing to do the job yourself might feel like the right choice, especially if it helps save a couple of bucks. However, risks are always involved because the project could be physically intensive, and completing it could feel like a larger task than anticipated. 

Even with the best planning, mistakes happen. Choosing to DIY instead of working with a professional means there's a risk of injury by not using appropriate tools or being prepared for the job, not to mention dealing with all the prep work and risking getting paint on items in the space or your carpeting. 

A professional removes the worry of needing to do cleanings or drywall repairs; they know what type of tools and paint are required for the highest quality finish, and you're going to get fast and efficient painting services so you can stay focused on more important matters.

If Your Home's Paint Needs a New Look, Get Fresh Paint Has You Covered 

Dealing with a paint spill can be an incredibly challenging experience which is why it can save you time and money with all your painting projects by trusting the experts at Get Fresh Paint.

Our company works hard to make the process as easy as possible for you, and whether you are looking for popcorn ceiling removal or need expert interior house painting, our Minnesota contractors are ready to help. 

Cleaning up paint spills is frustrating, but it can be avoided when you work with our professionals. Call us at 612-325-1409 or message us online today for your free quote.