7 Things to Consider for Your Commercial Painting Project

7 Things to Consider for Your Commercial Painting Project

A new coat of paint can bring your building to life, and choosing exterior or interior painting services can be a big project. You want the process to be as easy as possible, so Get Fresh Paint has some essential factors to consider before starting your project. 

1. Choose a Professional Contractor

One of the biggest steps for a successful painting project is to include a company that can deliver high-quality painting services. You need to invest in a company with the knowledge and skill to deliver a premium paint job and help you choose between the best product choices for your space.

2. Determine Your Budget & Timeframe

Painting, in general, can be a large project, so depending on the property's square footage, this will gauge the overall cost and time it will take for completion. Having a timeline and budget that includes unexpected expenses can help narrow down any surprises and keep the project on target for completion by the chosen date.

3. Prep & Repair Any Damages

If the interior or exterior has not been maintained or painted in a while, there's a good chance that damage has occurred due to the elements. Once you clean all surfaces, this will help you understand what repairs need to be completed.

If you have chosen a painting company, they might be willing to do the repairs for an additional fee; otherwise, these will need to be addressed before scheduling.

4. Choose How Your Brand Will Be Incorporated

There are many reasons to repaint your business, and your brand makes your company stand out. It's also an excellent opportunity to help upgrade or enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal. Pick a new hue for a unique look for your logo or bring to life areas that have faded or look worn down. 

Working with an experienced contractor can help you create a streamlined color scheme for your business because they know what colors work well with different companies.

5. Let Your Customers & Employees Know About the Upgrade        

Even though some commercial paints have low or zero VOC, this can still affect the air quality in the space due to fumes. So, out of courtesy to your customers and employees with sensitivities or allergies, it is recommended to let them know that the building will be painted.

6. Clear Out the Space 

Regardless of the size of your property, any areas that will be painted need to be cleared out as much as you can. Whether you have exterior benches and tables or internal furniture like cabinets and desks, you need to keep the perimeter clear to reduce the risk of damage to the items, making it easier for the painters to navigate the space. 

You can also have the area mapped out so you know where their equipment needs to go to give them easy access for a faster finish.

7. Trim Shrubs and Trees

If the update is on your building's exterior, pay extra attention to overgrown trees or shrubs that will become a hazard or obstacle for the painters to work around. Trimming back any dense areas will give them the room they need to work efficiently and prevent the wet paint from coming into contact with any vegetation.   

Get Fresh Paint: Quality & Precision You Can Count On 

One way to keep your business looking its best is by investing in a professional service with painting contractors who know how to get the job done right.

Get Fresh Paint not only offers a commitment to excellence but also provides our clients in Minnesota with expert services, including popcorn ceiling removal that helps revitalize their interior spaces.

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