Best Paint Colors for Kids Rooms
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Best Paint Colors for Kids Rooms

Finding the right paint color can be challenging, but when you need to find a shade for a specific environment, like a kid's room, it can be an even more complicated experience. You want to choose colors that reflect their personality while at the same time creating a stylish feel.

With all options to choose from, Get Fresh Paint wants to narrow your residential painting options, so let's look at our list of amazing shades to bring this space to life!

Soft or Bright Pink

Soft pink can offer warm undertones to help a child feel more nurtured and calmer. It also evokes empathy because it is considered a compassionate shade and instills a sense of trust. If you are considering bright pink, it can create energy and help with creativity and a mood boost.

Lilac or Lavender

Lilac and lavender are both considered to be feminine shades. They are associated with royalty and creativity and can offer a relaxing softness to the space.

Vivid or Light Green

Greens are excellent for creating a soothing experience and are also a gender-neutral color. Light greens promote health and learning, while vivid green can foster a sense of balance and grounding.

Mist Gray

Mist grays are considered one of the perfect shades for almost any room in a house. This is because it adds a warm and neutral feeling while at the same time keeping the area cozy. It’s also an excellent choice if you want something similar to white because it matches well with most furniture and themes.

Bold Oranges or Yellows

Choosing bright oranges and yellow can help inspire heightened creativity and create an energetic, cheerful, and lively feeling in the space. These colors have also been shown to enhance children's communication and socialization, making them more confident and cooperative.

Soft Blue

Blues are known for creating positive emotional effects on children. Soft and warmer colors can create an ambiance that feels tranquil and relaxing. So, choosing colors like pale blue or sky blue with lighter tones can help reduce blood pressure and create a meditative experience.

Creating a Look You Love, One Color at a Time

Choosing the right paint colors for your child's room requires understanding how the colors affect them. And when you are looking for a professional indoor or exterior painting contractor, Get Fresh Paint is here to help! Our reputation is based on exceptional services specializing in options ranging from commercial to cabinet painting that our clients know and trust.

Whether you need to update your children's room or create a new look for your business, our experts are here to answer your questions; message us online or call us at 612-325-1409 to get started today.

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