Commercial Painting Prep: Professional Patching & Caulking

Commercial Painting Prep: Professional Patching & Caulking

Patchwork and caulking serve multiple functions for painters; they not only seal drafts and reduce moisture but also remove small cracks and crevasses that can leave an unsightly finish. Your business is an investment, and planning your next painting project means making your interior and exterior walls look their best by using expert methods.

You can rest easy because the Get Fresh Paint crew has created this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the steps for professional commercial painting and caulking.

Why Is Prepping With Caulking & Patching Important?

Even with the highest-quality paint, without proper prep, you will end up with blemishes and a less-than-smooth finish. As the professional assesses the surfaces, they will review fine details like damage or cracks and gauge humidity levels, temperature, and airflow to help them determine the best methods for caulking and patching so you get a guaranteed beautiful finish.


What Goes Into Patching & Caulking?

The walls' condition will show imperfections like dents, cracks, or missing caulk, so the pros always start with an inspection. They will check for damage from everyday wear and tear and can spot bigger issues like pests or mold and mildew and advise you on the best methods to get these situations addressed. 

The experts clean the surface, using a power washer on hard exteriors or for softer interior spaces; soft bristle brushes or soapy cloths can get the job done. Grime and grease are cleaned off, and after the surface has dried, if there's any old paint still left, it's scraped off, and the caulking and patching process begins. 

Deteriorated caulk is removed, and the pro will do another assessment for damage, especially around joints or connecting surfaces. The expert loads caulk into the gun, applies it as needed at a 45-degree angle, and wipes any excess to ensure a smooth finish.

For larger issues like dents, holes, and large cracks in the drywall, patches might be the best option. In most situations, spackle or a joint compound can fill in smaller blemishes. However, specialized patches can be followed up with a sealing primer for extra support when dealing with extensive damage.

How Do Our Experts Handle the Job?

Aside from starting with a free quote, we work with our clients based on their timelines and budget. Once the assessment is completed, our team goes over the area with the highest quality materials available and makes sure any gaps, holes, or cracks are filled in, sanded down, and smoothed out so you get a flawless finish that you will love!

Make Your Painting Project Exceptional With Get Fresh Paint!

Professional caulking and patching can make all the difference in your commercial business's aesthetics, and you want only the best on the job. Get Fresh Paint has been the Twin Cities expert for over 15 years, and we have you covered for commercial and residential painting services.

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