Top 5 Tips for Painting a Deck
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Top 5 Tips for Painting a Deck

Your deck is an area of your home that you utilize as a space that contributes to relaxing, entertaining guests, and any other activities you enjoy. Because this is an outdoor area that comes in contact with elements on a regular basis, it will require regular maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible. So, whether you are considering doing it yourself or contacting a painting company, it can be helpful to understand some tips and steps involved in this process, and Get Fresh Paint has them listed here for you.

Create a Plan

One of the first tips to follow is to make sure you have a plan you can follow from start to finish. This will help give you a better idea of everything you need for the project, and by following it, you can save time and money by not having to go back and fix any overlooked issues.

Clean the Surface

Whenever you plan on doing any residential painting, one of the main priorities is to make sure the area is cleaned before you apply any stains or paints. In most cases, you can use a hose combined with a utility brush and a cleaning product and then rinse when completed. Keep in mind that you want to make sure you use a cleaner that's appropriate for the materials and if there's any mildew or mold on the deck prior, make sure you use a cleaner specifically for these.

In addition, you also want to refrain from using a power washer, especially if the deck is made from wood because the high-pressure spray can damage the material. Using a garden hose is the best method, and allowing the site to completely dry before moving forward is recommended.

Sanding the Area

It is also recommended to remove any old paint already in place with a wire brush and scrapers, then finished up with sanding. You will also want to use a hammer and sink any nails that might be coming up through the wood for a smoother surface.

Prep the Entire Space

Another good tip to follow is to make sure that you're doing any prep work needed. This may include masking off any windows, railings, or walls because it can prevent paint from getting into any unnecessary areas. You may even consider covering the walls of your home with sheeting to help prevent some unwanted extra cleanup.


When your deck is finally ready and prepped, you should apply deck stain and let it dry because this will help keep the deck protected. Once you start painting, you will want to work from top to bottom, going one section at a time and making sure you touch up areas with a paintbrush around the edges. In addition, only do one coat at a time and let it dry to see if you need an additional one before proceeding.

We Don't Compromise on Quality

Keeping your deck in the best condition possible will promote its durability and longevity while potentially saving you money over the years. So, if you require exceptional exterior house painting services, Get Fresh Paint is your locally trusted provider in Minnesota. We have been serving our community with integrity and honesty in areas ranging from interior house painting to popcorn ceiling removal for over 15 years, with professional results for all our clients.

We are locally owned and operated, and your satisfaction is our priority, so message us online or call us at 612-325-1409 today.

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