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Wallpaper Removal Services in the Twin Cities

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  • Get a free quote for wallpaper removal or installation.
  • Choose experts with over 15 years of wallpaper experience.
  • Access our exclusive insurance coverage.
  • Enjoy beautiful results – always on time and on budget.

Professional Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Nothing ties a room together quite like elegant, striking wallpaper. Nothing can also irritate a homeowner quite like having to deal with the tedious, stressful, long process of having to remove or install wallpaper. If you’re in need of wallpaper removal or installation assistance, let the local experts at Get Fresh Paint take your interior renovation project on!

Anyone attempting to remove or install wallpaper without proper experience runs the risk of potentially causing irreversible damage that can have a long-lasting impact on your home’s structural integrity and appearance.

Why Choose Get Fresh Paint for Wallpaper Services?

At Get Fresh Paint, we boast over 15 years of wallpaper removal and installation experience, and our team of wallpaper specialists will come prepared with the most innovative tools, techniques, and resources available on the market.

Our wallpaper restoration services include:

  • Gentle wallpaper removal intended to avoid disrupting your wall or surfaces’ appearance and integrity
  • Proficient wallpaper repair services to smooth out any surface abrasions and provide a fresh coat, smooth sanding, or glossy finish
  • Efficiently cleaning walls and applying a fresh coat of paint primer where necessary
  • Wide varieties of paints, colors, and designs to choose from to accentuate your wallpaper’s appearance and aesthetic
  • Complete removal of any excess debris, materials, or other objects upon project completion

Successful wallpaper removal and installation is an art all in itself. If you need an example of our superior interior painting services, be sure to check out our gallery to catch a glimpse at some of our most recent interior renovation projects!

Our Wallpaper Removal & Installation Process

At Get Fresh Paint, we approach every wallpaper removal or installation project with an intricate attention to detail, knowing that no two projects are ever alike.

Like all of our other residential painting services, we perform a thorough process to ensure your complete satisfaction, taking a variety of factors into consideration.

Free Quote

We try to be as upfront and transparent as possible when it comes to projecting all of our costs attached to any project. That’s why we’ll perform an initial assessment to evaluate all of our prices, ultimately providing you with a free quote so you’ll know exactly how much you’re investing in restoring your home.

Flexible Scheduling

As local painting contractors, we’re aware that we’re guests in your home whenever we’re busy working on a project. That’s why our team is entirely flexible when it comes to scheduling out the course of our project, adhering to all your timeline needs as much as possible.

Custom Design

Having the right style and look of wallpaper speaks volumes to the visual integrity of your home. Our wallpaper design specialists can provide you with keen insight as to which colors, patterns, and styles will work best for your home’s current or desired aesthetic.

Total Coverage

Renovating your home in any fashion can be a stressful, trying process. That’s why we are completely insured with all of our interior painting projects, helping you have more peace of mind while we work our magic.

Superior Wallpaper Services From Get Fresh Paint

At Get Fresh Paint, we’re proud to serve our Twin Cities and surrounding area neighbors with top quality interior painting services at the most competitive prices around. When you’re in need of professional wallpaper removal and installation solutions, contact us online today to get started on your complimentary estimate, or give us a call at 612.325.1409 to speak directly with one of our interior renovation specialists.