5 Best Paint Colors for At-Home Gyms

5 Best Paint Colors for At-Home Gyms

Working out is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself; however, when you have an at-home regimen, you need the right paint color to help keep you motivated! The color you choose can significantly impact your energy and mood, so the pros at Get Fresh Paint have our top picks for the best at-home gym paint colors listed below!

1. Jasper Orange

If your workout area is based on high-impact cardio, you need to incorporate energizing colors, and orange shades deliver. Whether you're picking Jasper or flame orange, these hues can help produce enthusiasm and stimulation to optimize your workout regimen.

2. Vivid Blue

Vibrant colors can get you moving faster, and vivid blue helps produce productivity, enabling you to do more in your workout. Blue is also a calming color, so it helps improve concentration and makes it a great option for endurance-based exercises where you need enhanced focus.

3. Electric Green

Green is a classic color, especially in gyms. It can evoke the feelings of nature, which creates a sense of relaxation and helps refresh the individuals in the space, meaning less fatigue and enhanced mood. Greens are also known for creating a sense of satisfaction and having a healing effect, making the workouts feel more pleasurable.

4. Soft Yellow

If you are not motivated by bright and bold colors, consider going more simplistic and picking a soft yellow. Yellow is an uplifting and happy color that can enhance your mood, and if your equipment is in a room with limited or no windows, the brightness of yellow can bring a feeling of expansiveness to boost your workout.

5. Bright Red

Color has different wavelengths, and red has the longest, making it a powerful choice. It can help create zest for your workouts and invigorate you; however, it can be overwhelming when it is the sole color used in the area, so it is recommended to use it as an accent color combined with colors like white or gray and utilizing it for specific spaces in the room where you need an extra boost of power.

Get Fresh Paint: Your Color Specialists

From bold to neutral, the color you choose should be based on the results you require from your workout.

Increased mood and energy can help you meet your goals, and when it's time to upgrade your home gym, the experts at Get Fresh Paint have you covered. Being a reputable painting contractor means delivering exceptional services every time, from interior house painting to commercial painting services in Minnesota; we do it all.

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