5 Interior Commercial Paint Colors to Avoid

5 Interior Commercial Paint Colors to Avoid

Painting the interior of your office is more complex than choosing a color for your home. You have to consider your staff, clients, and if you have any specific branding that relies on certain hues to help promote your business.

The colors you choose will influence the entire environment, and you want to choose colors that will help boost productivity and morale. However, there are a few select colors that are recommended to avoid, and Get Fresh Paint has five of them listed here.

1. Yellow

Yellow is popular due to its cheery nature and has been listed as a happy color which would seem like the ideal option to help energize employees and boost morale. However, too much of it can create a sense of anxiety and stress because of its overstimulating qualities, so it is recommended to avoid brighter shades.

2. Red

Red is another color that creates a sense of stimulation to promote energy and motivation; however, it can also foster agitation and create negative emotions. Red is typically associated with a sense of urgency or passion, and while these can be excellent motivators for some people, they can also create a negative experience in high-stress environments.

3. White

White is a standard color because individuals believe it evokes a feeling of professionalism and tidiness. However, too much white can be detrimental to morale and the design, leaving a sense of sterility or boredom.

This can also affect employees' creativity and leave them feeling drained and uninspired. So if you need to choose a lighter color, consider something with warmer tones to help balance the ambiance. 

4. Gray

While gray can make an excellent accent color, it doesn't work as well as the only color because it can feel moody and depressing. Many people get turned off by the idea of gray, even with its versatility, so if you're choosing this color, throw in accents like white, brown, or black to bring a more even aesthetic to the room.

5. Lime

Some individuals feel that bright green is a great color option because it helps spur creativity. However, an overabundance can become a distraction and make it hard for your employees to focus, so if you choose lime, be sure to pick a lighter shade.

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When choosing an interior paint color for your business, the main focus is picking something that helps convey your values. Investing in commercial painting services creates a look you and your employees will love, and Get Fresh Paint is here to help!

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