6 Tips for Oak Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

6 Tips for Oak Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing can be a great alternative to cabinet replacement, especially when it comes to oak cabinets. This incredibly durable hardwood can last for up to generations if cared for properly; it also has a natural light color, giving you the option of many different shades or hues, making it incredibly versatile.

Knowing where to start is crucial so Get Fresh Paint is here with a few tips and tricks to ensure your project has a professional finish. 

1. Prepare the Space

Because the process requires sanding and using stains or paints, you want to prepare the work area. Lay plastic sheets or tarps, then remove the hardware, doors, and hinges.

It is recommended to place any hardware in a plastic bag to keep essential pieces in place, and it can be helpful to put a number on the bag that matches the panel's hinge holes for easy reinstallation.

2. Remove the Old Finish

Clean the exterior and remove any build-up, then use a liquid stripper with a clean cloth one door at a time. It takes around 15 minutes for the stripper to work, then you can wipe it with a clean rag and repeat the process on the other side. The wood will need to dry completely before proceeding, so allow adequate time for this step.

3. Sand the Exterior

The cabinet exterior will also need sanding with 120-grit paper. Follow the wood grain and only work on one side of the door at a time. This will help remove any remaining finish and prepare the wood for the conditioner.

4. Apply a Conditioner.

Conditioner helps stabilize the wood and needs to be applied in one direction instead of a back-and-forth motion. Once this is completed, allow it to dry and go over it with the sander a second time.

5. Stain or Paint the Cabinets

Do a quick inspection of the wood, and if you find any scratches, nicks, or visible holes, be sure to fill these in with wood filler. You can then stain the cabinets and be sure to go along the grain of the wood and use a clean rag.

Only do the doors one side at a time, and be sure the stain is dried before turning it over to finish the second side. Additionally, the longer you leave a stain on the wood, the darker it will be, so keep this in mind so you get the desired shade.

6. Add a Protective Coating

Applying a clear coat can help preserve the stain or paint, so use a high-quality brush and go with the grain in a long and smooth motion. Clear coat takes around 24 hours to fully dry, so wait until it is completely set before reinstalling the doors.

Work With a Trusted Company

Cabinet refinishing is one of the best ways to increase the overall value of your home while at the same time creating an ambiance you love. Depending on the details required for your project, working with a professional painting companycan make the process easier, and Get Fresh Paint has been delivering expert services for over 15 years. So, whether you need cabinet refinishing and popcorn ceiling removal, we are the local contractor you can count on!

The fact is, we love what we do, so when you need a trusted expert for your next project, message us online or call us at 612-325-1409 today to schedule an appointment.