The 7 Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

The 7 Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Your home is a direct reflection of your style, and if you have been considering contacting professional painters to help with the task of painting your cabinets, you might be wondering what color to choose.

Choosing the right color means picking a high-quality option that will not only last for many years to come, but also inject some much-needed energy and zest into your kitchen space. If you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet painting upgrade, here are seven popular options to consider!

1. Green

Green cabinets have been growing in popularity, and the great thing is that there are multiple different shades that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a light mint or even a forest green, these can offer a new look to your kitchen that you will love.

2. Navy Blue

For some kitchens, choosing darker colors can be the appropriate choice, and Navy blue has become a timeless classic. This color also works great with any metals that have warmer tones, like brass or copper, and can complement most hardware finishes in the kitchen.

3. White

It's not unusual to find white cabinets with interior house painting because this is a traditional option for many homes. It can lighten up the room and fit in with almost any kitchen design, giving it an airy feeling.

The versatility also allows for other areas of the kitchen to be highlighted, such as the countertops or flooring. White also comes in many different shades, and you can choose cooler or warm options depending on what decorations and accents you have installed.

4. Black

Black is also growing in popularity because it offers a streamlined and sophisticated look to any kitchen space. This also coincides with the demand for black appliances because the color can create a grounding option while enhancing lighter-colored areas like the upper cabinets.

In addition, black is ideal for hiding any damage, such as scuff marks, meaning less maintenance than other color choices.

5. Gray or Beige

If you enjoy white but want a bit more contrast, you might consider picking gray or beige for your cabinet colors. Choosing a warm or cool color contrast for the cabinet painting helps create a canvas that will enhance the characteristics of your kitchen area.

6. Red Hues

Red is known as a color powerhouse, and its stimulating properties make it an excellent shade for any kitchen space. It's notorious for stimulating the appetite and creating an energizing experience for those utilizing the space. And when it's paired with deeper blues shades or rich gray tones, it can create a luxurious aesthetic your guests are sure to love.

7. Soft Yellows

Yellow is one of the best colors for a kitchen space because it promotes a welcoming feeling of warmth and softness. Yellow is also a color notorious for appetite stimulation and works well in areas that don't have a lot of natural light because it adds visual warmth and brightness to the space.

Kitchen Color Simplification

One of the biggest considerations for choosing the color for your kitchen is ensuring that it complements the space and reflects your style and aesthetics. Whether you create an accent wall or choose a single shade for the entire area, consider the room's other elements, including the cabinets, flooring, countertops, and backsplash.

Traditional blues and greens are natural go-to's with almost any kitchen design, or choose a warmer tone for warmth and comfort. And to enhance these, consider adding components like trim, chairs, and decorations to create that perfect accent color that compliments the entire space.

Final Note: Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Finish

One last thing to remember is the kind of finish you want to have applied. A semi-gloss will give you a soft sheen, whereas a matte can make a starker statement in the room.

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