A Guide to Wallpaper Removal Like the Pros

A Guide to Wallpaper Removal Like the Pros

Wallpaper is an amazing alternative because there are bold colors, endless styles, and patterns, and it can create a beautiful aesthetic in any space. However, if you're doing an update or want a new look, removing it is another matter! Don't worry; our comprehensive guide below lets you know how the professionals get it done for a perfect finish.

Wallpaper Removal: The Basics

Anyone who's worked with wallpaper before knows that its adhesive is designed to stick for a long time, so removing it is not as simple as just ripping it off the walls. 

Experts know this and are fully prepared with the right tools, such as step ladders and drop cloths, to make the removal, clean-up, and repairs simple. 

Prep the Space

Let's talk about the prep work. Professionals remove any switch plate covers and turn off power sources because they will be using an appliance that runs off water. The flooring around any wallpaper area is covered, and furniture or accessories are removed so the space is fully accessible.

Get a Steamer 

Wallpaper steamers are one of the greatest inventions for removal and, a majority of the time, remove the need for specialized solutions or scoring tools. The device works similarly to a vacuum but uses steam to soften any adhesive, making the removal process more efficient. 

Professionals go over small sections of the wallpaper, holding the appliance in place long enough to loosen up the glue, and work their way down from the ceiling to the floor to remove the wallpaper in vertical strips.

Keep in mind that sometimes the steam doesn't work, and unfortunately, that's when a spray solution, scoring tools, or chemical stripper might be needed, which can make the project much larger and more exhaustive.

Clean Up and Don't Skip Repairs

Chances are, there may be some traces of glue left over, which may feel tacky or sticky. The residue might also have a dark sheen but can be removed with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning product, or hot water and dish soap can do the job. 

If the surface is going to be repainted or new wallpaper is put in its place, repairs will need to be completed. Gaps, cracks, and damage are filled in, leaving the walls smooth and ready for the next project. 

Upgrade Your Space with Get Fresh Paint

Wallpaper removal is a big project in the best scenario. Why spend your time ripping away at the paper when you can have it done much faster with an expert? Get Fresh Paint is the Twin Cities premier painting company, and we can help you with everything from drywall repair services to wallpaper removal.

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