The Most Popular Paint Colors for 2023
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The Most Popular Paint Colors for 2023

The colors you choose for your residential painting directly reflect your style and creativity. It can be one of the most powerful tools that help create the feeling in a space, so you want to understand what is available on the market to choose from.

Whether you are looking to create a more exciting tone or have a space that promotes relaxation, here are the most popular colors for 2023.

Thinking Green?

Green is taking off this year because it offers a feeling of rejuvenation, and just a few of the favorites on the market are the classic Cucuzza Verde and Rosemary. Sherwin-Williams' number one choice is Evergreen Fog, and it is described as a green meets gray that offers a stunning shade.

In addition to these, Gloucester Sage is also on the list because it can work for interiors or exteriors due to its khaki undertones.

Keep It Soft With Pink

Pink comes in a large variety of colors ranging from Rose to Dynamo, and both can offer a glamorous look with a more subtle and serene feeling. Pink also makes a great accent color that can work for almost any room.

Natural and Warm

Some homeowners are looking for more warm and neutral options, so choosing color choices such as Woven Wicker or Natural Linen can be great options for interior house painting. They can offer a traditional and timeless choice that promotes relaxation while simultaneously making a statement as contemporary classics.

Luxurious Browns

For 2023, brown is making its way back into the scene as a top color choice. And while it felt a bit niche in previous years, it's now making a statement with taupe, mocha, chocolate, and mink.

Whether you choose all four walls or just one, brown hues offer a saturated and earthy feeling that fosters a soothing ambiance. It provides a nurturing and energetic appeal that exudes stability and is considered a powerhouse for creating a cozy space.


Cinnamon was all the rage in the 1960s and 70s, and it looks like it's coming back in 2023. From vibrant Terracotta to Deep Brick, this paint color offers flexibility and deep richness and creates a bohemian feeling oozing with warmth and comfort.

Inviting Blues

Blue is always a classic option, and it remains timeless. So, for 2023 the prediction is looking at more traditional choices, including Navy and Cornwall blue. These historical colors not only offer a nautical feeling but work well when dressed up with whites and light grays.

Blue offers a calming and relaxing effect, and as a bonus, it's known for creating a cooling effect that can help decrease the cost of air conditioning in the warmer months.

Golden Marigold

Yellow tones like muted mustard, ochre, and Marigold may be considered retro colors, but they take the stage for areas like guest rooms and powder rooms, especially when paired with a vintage style. These shades offer an even balance of light to darkness and can add a colorful softness that can create feelings of happiness, joy, and optimism.

Monochromatic Hues

Monochromatic designs are also trending for 2023 because they offer a sophisticated and simple approach to help create a feeling of elegance and luxury. Whether you choose something bold, Rainforest Foliage, or keep it simplified with Feather Gray, you can bring a subtle dimension into the space with both of these beautiful options.

White Might Be the Right Choice

If white is your preference, but you do not want the traditional stark coloring, one new choice that is on the market for 2023 is called Collector's Item. This paint has a slight cream color to it, and it can be beneficial to have different elements in the room, such as artwork or plants, to accent the hue.

Natural Tones

One of the final popular choices that have come out this year is Wild Flower. The color could be seen as red-hued, but the orange and pink undertones give it an incredibly earthy and fun color to work with. This color is recommended for almost any room but could really shine in a bedroom or dining area.

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